What People Are Saying About Zubi O’peters And His Services

Whenever the stakes are high, lots of money are involved, and my business needs a marketing breakthrough, Zubi is the first guy that comes to mind. If you have any doubts about using his materials or hiring him, know this… his advice has made me multiple 7 figures, and I BET he’ll do same for you too

Oluwasegun Badejo


I must confess i am amazed and challenge  by your expertise, or rather your Expression of Mastery on what you do…. What is still stuck on my mind is this point that:  Differentiating/Selecting who you decide to Market to, and those not to market to…

–Angela Mwangi, Kenya


I must Confess, you did great justice to the client flooding system lecture. It has really helped me. I now have three new clients (less than 2 days after the training) that don’t even bother about the expensive service we render. All thanks to the sales script and choreography part of your lecture. Thanks once again

— Damilare Samuel the C.E.O of Gentle wash laundry.


Zubi’s Client Flooding System Training was simply off the hook. The content was extremely rich. Like a wise one once said ‘it is what you know after you think you know it all that matters’. Well, I don’t feel like I know it all but then I know a lot about marketing nevertheless Zubi’s CFS training made me feel like a newbie in the industry (smiles)…. Zubi is simply an awesome marketing consultant. I endorse him x10’……

—Iji Ina Dickson, CEO CDSystem Publishing & Training Company.


I was especially delighted at your scope of nuggets delivered both theoretical and practical strategic measures that will supercharge any business. I recommend your engagement for any serious entrepreneur

Oluwashola Andrey Jesuseitan… Chief  Responsibility Officer, Petdavella Nigeria Limited


Thank you, Mr Zubi, I am so grateful for this opportunity. The class was an eye opener for me considering my venturing into Digital marketing world.  I saw the class quite different what I have know, it gave me the opportunity to see things from another angle… This has worked for an ad I am currently working on and I am so grateful for this. God bless you. Regards.

Josef Ohaemesi, Phoniex Technologies


I was going through The Client Flooding System, and i must say, you just dashed me 100k through that work…

I am Brown mike-Ebo, Lead Consultant, Make360Impact Consult


I consider it a blessing to be part of the client flooding system class ….. I got the change I wanted on the first day of the class with the lesson that says we should package different product and service in one offer. I practiced it the second day of the class and since then it has been waoooo!  Thank you so so much for your generous act. May God enlarge your coast.

Joanna Azikiwe,  the CEO  JO signatures,


Awesome delivery with great content. I’m glad my friend, ChinyereDistinguished referred me to join the course. I learnt so many new things that will be useful to my young business, when applied. One thing that stuck was ‘POSITIONING’. You drove it home with the ‘Ruff n Tumble’ example and I am not waiting an extra second to carve out my niche. I already did. Thank you very much! Again, thank you!

–Emmanuela Oruche, Brand Strategist, CRISPEA Nuts.


Thanks for the classes, it was absolutely phenomenal! The content, enlightening and very easily digestible, unlike anything I’ve seen before…  Thanks so so much sir. I really appreciate and will start implementing ASAP.

— Moses Gbade. IT & Social Media Strategist for Affordable Lekki Homes.,


There was clarity in the conveying of the concepts, which in themselves revealed why they would work and the possible losses in terms of clients one would suffer if one did not apply them, or applied the wrongly

— Dafiri Scott Irimagha, Web Application Developer


The class was awesome. It was massive and clear. One of the things that made me shrink at my end was this: ‘attract the kind of customer or clients that are most ideal for your business. Do not fall into the trap of working with anybody you can get’. This is what most businesses and professionals do; therefore, they grossly undercharge, deal with winning customers /clients all day, are not able to do the job well, or provide enough quality. It leaves them stressed and also leave them scrapping for quality. Thank you Zubi. My business has just been baptized.

Orisakwe Sharon O.


I attended the classes it was mind blowing and also inspiring . I gave up in my business but after getting these points from the class Am starting all over again by implementing all you said .

— Ogorchukwu Ejafu, fashion designer, PookieWealthcouture


The class was quite enlightening and showed a lot of ways to make a headway even in the harsh period of economic meltdown… The contents are stuffs that are easily digestible for anyone in business having any form of challenge in making sales….Now I know how to create awesome offers my clients cannot refuse…

—Oriola Ladenegan, CEO Misadieu Concepto


The class opens up my eyes to so Many things which I’m going to implement in my catering business

Branding…. Headlines that will capture my target audience…. Copy system…. This and more are what I learned from the class

—Temi Adenike Adetimehin, CEO, Temmy Catering and events management services.


I run a private school.. Attending   Zubi’s client flooding system class has really opened my eyes to a lot of things… I   learnt that I don’t have to do business with everyone and that I have to attract the kind of clients that I  desire. A lot of things are changing for me… Am  going back to my drawing board… Thanks you  very much. You are indeed a great coach.

— Pamela Obazee


An outstanding feat you achieved with the Clients Flooding System, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reinforced my personal study on digital marketing. Even in a more simplistic manner. 2 things that was profound about your classes was your indication of how profitable niche marketing is and your talk on COPY. I am a copywriter and digging deep in this niche. You have spurred me to action to teach what I know.  Thank you Mr Zubi

–Patrick Odimnfe, Copywriter and Digital Marketer


Hi Zubi, As a multi-gifted person, I was lost in the sea of doing everything I’m confronted with, until I attended your class on WhatsApp and my whole idea of business changed. The side about specialization really caught me.  I’m glad I can now focus on one key area of my expertise and become a king therein. Thanks, Zubi.

—Manjaja Difur, Music producer, iSounds Concepts Nig.


At the point this came, it was a point in my Life I needed help,  Help in my business. I have been following Zubi O Peter for a month now, I have tasted of his delicacies via his post on Facebook so i just knew I was going to get value. So that I don’t eat alone, I told three other persons to join, two did.

Soon it was Sunday, Phone Charged, Chair set, the class began…… It was valueFUL, See content, as He spoke (wrote) something leaped in within me…This was the privy information I needed.

Several things stocked up to me..These ones kept getting to me.

“The best marketing repels people more than it attracts. The best marketing does a better job of turning away disinterested, unqualified prospects – so that only interested, high quality prospects ready to buy are brought forward”

“You should never, ever, ever waste your time and resources trying to sell someone who is not qualified to buy from you. Never!”

If the content is cost #500,000 its worth every dime. This is a Goldmine! Thank you for allowing yourself to be used this season, especially to help this corp member…. You are a Prayer answer. God is your reward.

—-Joy Adanu Ehi, Corp member,CEO, Zebra Leys Ltd


The class was very great, and it was indeed a rare one. I learnt so much during the class, from how to identify my ideal clients, how to attract them and make them buy from me and how to sell to them again and again, and lots more. I appreciate Zubi O’Peters. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this transformation. Once again, thanks a lot.

—- Safoorah Dawud Ajikanle,CEO Saffy’s Beddings Collection.


Hi Zubi, thanks for the 2 day lecture. I’m still reading up and it’s been very enlightening but one thing that has stuck with me so far is “You do not have to know everything there is to know before you lead in a particular area – you only need to know more than your market knows.”

—Nkiru Shaji, budding entrepreneur.


Hello Zubi. I did gain so much from the class. I’d been wondering why some prospects never closed a deal,  I have understood the root cause and have started working on a new plan to correct it. Thank you.

Ujunwa Ogbonna, Freelance Writer.


Went through the entire CFS Class and it was such a huge eye-opener on several fronts for me. Thank you Zubi for this exceptional training on Client Flooding System, it is a huge treasure! I learnt a whole lot and finally got to understand why some things I do just don’t work… The class has very rich and applicable content ……. Plus your delivery was 100% easy to flow with and understand!

My greatest personal takeaway is the part where you talked about “Headline or opening statement that breaks pre-occupation, and arouses both curiosity and Interest.”

This has taught me to be more conscious and deliberate when writing my Headline/opening sentence, so I can get my prospects attention in the first few seconds of them visiting my site or reading any document from me.

ChinyereDistinguished Anoke

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