Meet Zubi

Zubi O’Peters is a Transformational Keynote Speaker, High Performance Trainer, Marketing Consultant, and a Strategic Advisor to High profile Individuals & Organizations.

He is The Founder and Tribe Leader of The PauseAndThink Community – A Tribe of Transformational Leaders that Demolishes Mediocre Thinking, Questions Popular Thinking, Embraces Optimal Thinking and challenges each of us to call on our best selves and perform at our Highest And Best Levels.

He is the Chief Executive and Strategist at Authority Growth Co. An Info Marketing and Training company in Lagos, Nigeria. Specialized in the areas of Business Growth, Sales, Marketing, High Performance and Optimization.

He has given more than 270 talks and training to Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Executives, Youths and Organizations.

He regularly works with Business Owners, Thought Leaders, and Service Professionals to attract a ton of clients, customers and profits more easily to their business.

Zubi is known for creating High Converting, Direct Response Marketing Campaigns, delivering Intense Rapid Business Growth Insights, highly productive coaching programs, mesmerizing Keynote speeches, and Facilitating effective trainings.

He is the author and creator of several E-Books and Audio Programs.

He shares his thought regularly on social media and through his blog



About a decade (or more) ago, I had a magnificent obsession…

“Play Professional Basketball In The NBA & Be Successful”

I wanted to be successful as bad as I want to breathe.

This drove me to a lifelong commitment of personal development; I started consuming any Book, material, Article, Seminar, or Training that had a promise of showing me how to make my dreams come to life.

Then something strange started to happen…

The more I studied, the more I realize that I wanted to share what I was learning with the world, even more than I wanted to play in the NBA.

In April 2009 I finally had the GRIT to say “Basketball is great, but I want to play a bigger Game”

The first time I stood up to speak in front of a small group of about 60 people I choked, I couldn’t even say my name well, people laughed… But not for long!

8 years later with more than 270 talks to my credit, & being a Trusted Advisor to high profile Individuals, Businesses and Thought leaders…

►I Coach People on How to Play a BIGGER Game
►I Train Organizations on how to Engineer Remarkable Breakthroughs
►I Consult for Businesses on how to Rapidly Increase Revenue
►I Show Thought Leaders how to Share their message with the world
►I Inspire Individuals to live their Dreams and fulfill their Destinies

Zubi O’Peters