PauseAndThink Community

Success in every business, including yours, depends on mastery of a handful of critical competencies (One of which is Mind management).

The individual who sets out earnestly and diligently, to acquire a wealth of know-how in each of these critical competencies winds up with more wealth, Influence and Impact.

The PauseAndThink Community is not a Facebook group (Facebook is our medium for congregating).

We’re a Tribe; a Support Network that Demolishes Mediocre Thinking, Questions Popular Thinking, Embraces Optimal Thinking and challenges each of us to call on our best selves and perform at our Highest And Best Levels.

This happens by continuous in-flow of paradigm Shifting Ideas, legitimately useful how-to information, coaching by people tested by tough times and proven successful, encouragement and motivation from like-minded, optimistic, forward-thinking businesspeople.

Benefits Of Being An Active Member Of The PauseAndThink Community

  • Facilitated, Accelerated Learning, and application of Personal, Business Success Strategies
  • Friendly accountability and Encouragement
  • A mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied
  • Peer Advisory leverage
  • Opportunities for Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

The PauseAndThink Community is totally FREE to join.

The rules are simple: DON’T SPAM!!!

We’re here to CONNECT, LEARN & GROW… That means “Hit & Run” won’t work in our tribe!

Here is the link to join:

Now Is The Time To Do It Differently… “Together All Of Us Are Smarter Than Each Of Us”


Zubi O’Peters, Tribe Leader

P.S. I’m just one Tribe leader, there are more of us.