Would Bill Gates be the richest man if he was born in Nigeria?

I experienced a very powerful mind shift when I grasped one of Jesus Key parables… The parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed!

Please read till the end, the parable contains a very important lesson afterwards…

In Matthew 13 Jesus talked about a farmer who went out to plant some seeds…

As he scattered the seeds, some fell on a footpath and the birds came and ate them.

Others fell on shallow soil, but died because the soil was shallow and their roots couldn’t grow deep… The plants wilted under the hot sun….

Other seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked the tender plants.

However, some set of seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times…

That parable was explained in the chapter, however let me share with you another perspective!

Why did some seeds die, and some others produced 30 times more, and even others 100 times more?

There was absolutely no difference in the seeds…

Each and every of those seeds had the exact same potential… So What made the difference in the outcome? THE ENVIRONMENT!

Some time ago my Mentor Olakunle Soriyan said to me “Zubi what you’re saying is correct and will work well outside this country, but here your approach needs to be different“…

He then dropped a line that really made me #PauseAndThink he said…

“Destiny Is Place Sensitive”

Think about the seeds in the parable, the biggest difference in the outcome, was not the quality of the seeds, it was not the potential of the seeds, it wasn’t even the farmer, it was simply the place where the seeds landed…

The Environment affected The Expression of the potential!

I registered my company Authority Growth when I was still in the University, they required a degree before I could register my business, or the true nature of my business would be denied…

I  couldn’t help but think about Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Rich Schefren, and the thousands of top American entrepreneurs who started their businesses as high school drop outs…

This post is not about our nation… Far from it! This post is to stir us to have a rethink…

Is your Environment supporting your potential or is it choking it?

Your network – Friends, Family, Colleagues, Neighbors, etc… Make up a critical component of your environment. Are you surrounded by the right people?

Because they either help you produce a hundred fold, or they suck what’s left from you

Are you intentional about selecting your network?

Personally I need a billionaire friend, so if you know one or are one, I would be extremely grateful to have a conversation, not to gain access to his money, but to gain access to his intangibles – like his mindset, or his workstyle, or his decision making process, etc (and of course bring my own value to the table)

Your Environment can also be your physical location, sometimes just moving you or your kids away from a particular living area, Repositions you for the Future..

It could be a change of school!

It could be working in a different department in your office. It could be changing your workplace. It could also be hiring and surrounding yourself with key players..

There are lots of different perspectives and approaches that can go into Repositioning for a productive environment, however realise that your current potential, skill level, knowledge base, and network could be explosively productive if you Reposition to another Environment.

Destiny is Environment Sensitive!

Zubi O’Peters

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