The Naivety Of Popular Thinking

Who says that every job requires 8 hours a day to be productive?

Why must watches be worn on the left hand and not on the right?

Why must we close our eyes while praying? (meanwhile Jesus opened his eyes and lifted it up to heaven)

Why must we require a lot of money before we can start a business?

Why do I need to spend time daily on multiple social media platforms?

Why do I need to check my email more than once or twice a day?

Why must we require 3 years experience before getting a good job, despite the fact that these prospective employees just got out of the University?

Why can’t a woman be president?

One f the biggest reasons why we don’t make the kind of progress that we ought to make as individuals, organizations, economies, nations and even continents is…

“The Acceptance of Popular Thinking without questioning it”

Society in its flawed state has put up lots of rules, standards and popular thinking, which are nothing more than glorified barriers to progress…


You and I must be willing to question the basic assumptions of society. Many of the “Common Sense rules” of society are not evaluated with our common sense

I pose a challenge to you (myself included) and it’s a very hard one:

“For the next 3 days observe what you do, how you think and the ideas you act out”

Whenever you do something ask yourself why, should it be done another way? Can it be done another way? What alternative can be more empowering?

In many areas that we don’t pay attention to, we can negotiate with reality, because what we call reality is subjective.

Don’t accept popular thinking without questioning it, and if need be, Negotiate it!


Zubi O’Peters

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