I’ve seen a pattern play out so many times in my speaking engagements.

Most times when I speak, I see a smaller set of people listening attentively, taking notes, and asking intelligent questions during Q&A.

When I’m done speaking, many people come to talk with me, and sure enough the ones who were actively listening, taking notes and asking questions, are the ones who have the most thriving businesses; doing considerably better than their colleagues in that same event.

What is also intriguing is that; it is the business owners that are doing great that wants to hire me or at least engage me more deeply to do even better… they’re discontent with the status quo.

Is it a mere coincidence, or is there a pattern informing us here?

Jim Rohn said one time he held a weekend success seminar, and on getting there what he saw amazed him. He saw fancy sports cars, Rolls Royce, and other magnificent cars. He thought to himself:

Wow! I sure thought the people who would show up for this success seminar are people who are not yet successful, but it turns out the successful guys are saying; let’s go and hear this Jim guy out, maybe he’ll show us how to buy another Rolls Royce

Successful people CONSTANTLY go for knowledge – relevant and practical knowledge. They extract the most helpful information that they can gain access to per time.

I learnt a powerful philosophy some years ago, I heard it from Adeolu Akinyemi. He said

“Empty your pockets to fill your head, and watch your head fill your pckets”

This philosophy has served me 100%… STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY

Study and learn what the most successful guys in your field are doing, know what Peak Performers, top CEOs, Marketers, Leaders and Luminaries are doing.

Before people began to bring me in to consult, speak and train, I was studying hard, learning everything I can about my field, and how to Max my life.

I’ve just recently picked 2 areas to know everything there is to know about it. I’m positioning for more Rolls Royce.

How about you?


Zubi O’Peters

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