How Facebook And Life Works!

There was a time when I’d login to Facebook and I would be super excited to see 10 notifications, because I was used to seeing 3, 2, 1, 0 notifications.

…No friend requests and absolutely no messages. Then, I  believed that Facebook was boring…

Ever been there there?

Then 8 likes on my post meant that people were paying attention. I didn’t login so frequently because it seemed as though nothing was happening.

What I didn’t notice then was that Facebook is so much like life. And life has a way it works, understanding it meant understanding Facebook.

A lot of things in life responds to the first law of computing…

(how did computers get mixed up in this post? Now I’ll have to explain it)

The first law of computing is simply GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

It simply means what you put in is what you get out.

When I started engaging with people they started engaging with me, when I started posting highly relevant content consistently, I started generating Traction.

Life and Facebook is like a bank account, you withdraw what you deposited… If you’ve deposited nothing, you withdraw nothing…

But it gets better, Life and Facebook is more like a compounding investment. Over time you don’t get what you put in…

You get more, because your ACTIONS and CONSISTENCY compounds and produces a significantly greater result.

The question is… What are you putting in? Are you waiting for things to happen to you or are you intentionally making things happen?

You can either wait for people to connect with you or you can start connecting with people…

You can wait for someone to hand you a high paying job or you can increase your skill set and make yourself so valuable that everyone wants you in their team….

GIGO is the name of the game!


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