Insure your Relevance In The Future

A few months ago while heading to the wedding reception of my long time buddies, I saw an advertising that drove me to some deep thoughts

GNI insurance company had an ad on a BRT bus I saw that had the catchphrase:

“There is Greatness in You, Insure it

I said… Nice, but this drove me to deeper thoughts…

People insure their houses, cars, businesses, properties and even their lives… All these are ultra important…

But I began asking myself “How many people insure their relevance in the future?”

you’re alive in 10 years time, so what? Would you be more valuable or less valuable?

Would you be earning more or less?

Would you relationships be ordinary or phenomenal?

How relevant will you be?

How can you ensure that your relevance is covered and not just your car or house?

Truth is, it’s only the people that are deliberate about their relevance today that will have real Influence tomorrow…

Are you making the necessary commitments and investments today to define your value tomorrow?

Are you picking up the books, the trainings, the knowledge and skills required? Are you journaling the experiences?

To be Relevant is Intentional, to be Mediocre is Natural!


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